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CheeseLand Holland
CheeseLand’s roots trace back to early 1900, when they started distributing Gouda cheese by bicycle. Nowadays it is proudly offering the widest selection of Dutch specialty cheeses all over the World. Their cheeses are made from cows that have been freely grazing in outdoor pastures during most of the year and are never given any growth hormones to unnaturally increase their milk production.

Germain Cheeses
The range of Germain cheeses is manufactured by Laiteries H. Triballat. The company has grown to become a brand associated with shared pleasure and love of taste. The company’s innovations are inspired by tradition. They make authentic and quality dairy products, such as Epoisses, Crottin, Langres and our favourite Affine au Chablis.

Founded in 2009, Val Taleggio (Bergamo) moved to Valsassina in 1989 and for twenty years he was the sales director of a leading dairy firm there, considerably developing its presence on the export market. Nicola realized the great extent to which foreign consumers know and appreciate Italian food and how their requirements are becoming increasingly demanding.

Ambrosio is a family run company based in the town of Striano on the outskirts of Naples, Italy. They specialise in the high quality production of candied fruit and other products, which it supplies to the domestic Italian market and throughout the world. The black cherries and the clementines being everyone’s favourites served with soft white cheese.

La Stella Latticini
La Stella Latticini are committed to producing the freshest soft cheeses from cow and buffalo milk, Burrata, ricotta, mozzarella and more. Through Perth Gourmet Trader they can provide beautiful cheese made to order on a weekly basis.

Lobethal Cheese

Lobethal Cheese
Lobethal Cheese has been operating as an artisan cheese factory in the Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal since 1999. Our range was originally designed to be served on Qantas business class. Since then many retailers and restaurants have enjoyed the cheeses that are handmade with love alongside their other brands.

Founded in 1969, the Fromi Group is an independent family business. They aim to promote traditional cheese specialities, in particular AOP cheeses (Protected Geographical Status), as well as fine food products from our terroirs. With favourites such as Vacherousse and Delice, Fromi form a big part of our traditional portfolio.

Chateau Blanc
Château Blanc has always prepared its recipes in line with the great tradition of French artisans, where taste is given top priority. Château Blanc has three manufacturing sites in Northern France: Marcq-en-Baroeul, La Madeleine and Arras, where technology is used to perpetuate the traditional work of artisans and taste is given top priority. The croissants are amazing.

Cacao Barry
In 1842, Charles Barry travelled to Africa to seek and harvest a selection of cocoa beans that would enable him to become the very first chocolate connoisseur. Cacao Barry soon perfected the art of transforming raw natural ingredients into the most refined and delicate cocoa and chocolate products. A vast range of premium chocolate produced in France and Switzerland from beans sourced worldwide.

Sicao is the new generation of chocolate from Brazil. Made with all the knowledge and tradition of Cacao Barry with over 150 years in high quality chocolate production. With intense cocoa flavour and balanced sweetness, Sicao line of products are ideal for all applications in chocolate goods, confectionery and baking.

One of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry in Spain, The company started out in the year 1967 as a family business producing artisan biscuits and traditional Catalan Christmas products. Sosa introduced ingredients for ice cream such as freeze dried fruits, texturizers, natural plant extracts and essential oils. We stock nearly 100 different products of their range.

All Ravifruit frozen purées are 100% natural with no added flavours, colours or preservatives. They contain either 90% fruit and 10% sugar or 100% fruit. They are available in a range of over 50 flavours and are ideal for making mousses, bavarois, coulis, fruit cocktails, sorbets, ice creams, iced desserts and pastries, fruit jellies, etc.

Leonardi Vinegar
Leonardi started in the 18th century and since then have specialised in one thing only: the production of balsamic vinegar, using their own raw materials. In fact, the farmhouse is surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyards, mainly with grapes varieties of Trebbiano (white grape) and Lambrusco (red grape). Produced in limited quantity and is linked to the geographical areas of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Catalina Anchovies
Produced in Santoña, Northern Spain these anchovies are an entirely artisanal product and have received countless awards, including two out of three stars at the Great Taste 2014 and 2015 awards – described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world, organised by Fine Foods and Harrods in London. They were also recently awarded ‘Best Anchovies’ in Santona awards 2016.

Maestri Pasta
Maestri Pastai uses the best quality durum wheat, bronze extruded as per tradition, in order to ensure that the pasta will have the signature rough and porous surface – which is ideal for sauces. This also allows Maestri Pastai to maintain their philosophy of safeguarding the ancient traditions whilst paying great care and attention to the quality of the product.

Tartufi Morra
Started by Giacomo Morra in 1930, Tartufi Morra was the first company to process and market “Tuber Magnatum Pico”, the white truffle of Alba. Tartufi Morra is the only truffle company authorised to use the coat of arms of the city of Alba in their logo, just to emphasise the unbreakable bond that exists between the company and its city.

El Avion
In 1918 José María Gómez Mira initiated a very special journey through the senses. With the brand “El Avión”, he set the foundations that have allowed us to prepare thousands of aromas and flavours impregnated with his original spirit. The best selection of saffron and paprika as well as the popular paella kits.

Herbie’s Spices fills a need in the community of cooks and food lovers for one central website to access all those hard-to-find herbs and spices. The blends and spice mixes made at Herbie’s Spices contain no fillers, starches, MSG, free-flow agents or additives of any kind, so you know they will be rich in flavour and quality.

In the late 90's Ed Vercoe planted 1000 trees in the family paddock, and by 2002 had won best EVOO in SA. But what really sets Ed apart from most, is he doesn't just grow olives, but is hands on throughout the harvesting, processing and packaging stages - with an undeniable passion for the industry. From amazing Frantoio extra virgin olive oil to kalamatas and verdales.

Quattro Stelle
As a young boy, Antonio was taught, (what had by now become a tradition), by his “papa” and “mama”, along with his brother Natale and sister Nadia, what Nonno Nicastri and his family made almost 150 years ago. In late 2006 at the age of 23, and with the art of smallgoods production racing through his blood, Antonio founded “Quattro Stelle”.

Prosecco is both the name of the grape, and of the wine made from it in the DOC Prosecco hillsides around Valdobbiaddene and Conegliano. Bisol, a family-owned company, based in the little town of Santo Stefano, and owning some of the finest terroirs of all Prosecco, including a three hectare chunk of Prosecco’s effective Grand Cru, the Hill of Cartizze. The Bisol family has farmed in Prosecco since the 17th century, owning and making wines on this estate since 1875. Their 16 different vineyard sites enjoy varying microclimates and soils, mean picking of grapes spreads over five weeks, often with three passes through each vineyard to ensure optimum ripeness.

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